Management VRC

Bianca S. Gerendas



Bianca S. Gerendas is the Director of the Vienna Reading Center. She completed Medical School in 2009 at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, where she in parallel obtained her Master of Science degree in Healthcare Management. Afterwards, Bianca Gerendas joined the VRC in 2010 first as a reader, later as a supervisor, and was responsible for Research and Development of the VRC since 2012. Since then, she also co-coordinates the young interdisciplinary OPTIMA Study Group, with the aim of individualized treatment for retinal diseases, based on automated image analysis and population based models from large-scale multimodal imaging data. The integration of OPTIMA developments into the VRC will be one of her primary goals for the next years. Bianca Gerendas completed her doctoral thesis before joining the Medical University of Vienna in 2010 and is currently finishing her PhD in Medical Physics in parallel to her residency training in Ophthalmology. Her primary research interests are in the field of retinal and choroidal imaging, image analysis and translational ophthalmic research with a focus on diabetic retinopathy.



Gabor-György Deak

Medical Director


Gábor Deák completed medical school at the Semmelweis University in Budapest in 2004, after which he started his residency at the 1st Department of Ophthalmology at the University. In 2007, he moved to the Department of Ophthalmology and Optometry at the Medical University of Vienna to continue his residency, becoming a board certified ophthalmologist in 2010. He joined the Vienna Reading Center as senior reader in 2007, and was appointed Medical Director of the VRC in 2008. In addition to his activities at the VRC, he is a consultant at the Department of Medical Retina and Uveitis Services.



Martin Baumgartner

Executive Director


Martin Baumgartner joined the Vienna Reading Center in 2016. He has more than 15 years of business experience and has served in leading international companies in technology-driven industries. He has held managerial positions in product development, marketing, sales and general management.

Martin studied biomedical engineering at the Medical University of Vienna and the Technical University of Vienna, and has a Master of Science degree in telecommunication. His business acumen is based on extensive trainings at the London Business School .



Amir Sadeghipour

Head of IT


Amir Sadeghipour completed his Computer Science studies in 2008, in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing at the Technical University of Berlin. He worked as research assistant and conducted an interdisciplinary Ph.D. study in the interdisciplinary fields of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence at Bielefeld University in Germany. Since 2002 he has been working in several software development projects in a wide range of applications from test and requirement management software in automotive industry to the development of research prototypes in the fields of Computer Vision and Human-Computer Interaction. Since 2015 he has been working as a Senior Software Developer in OPTIMA research group in the department of Ophthalmology and Optometry. He is head of the IT System Development team of the Vienna Reading Center since January 2017.



Theresia Pieler

Study Operations Management


Theresia Pieler joined the Vienna Reading Center in 2007, combining her expertise from her earlier work in advertising with medical and scientific interests. Since 2008, she has been the Head of Administration and a project leader for clinical studies evaluated at the VRC.

Her passion is to ensure the best trial implementation and set up, providing consistent quality and smooth trial progress for sites and companies participating in studies. A decade of experience allows her to provide expert support in pre-study services, the study set-up phase, main study progress, quality management and data reconciliation.